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    Henderson, Nevada, Vereinigte Staaten

    This boat is in great condition.  It has always been stored indoors in a temperature controlled garage.  All routine maintenance has been done as well as detailed care and use.  It's stunning paint job, tower, and nighttime light features definitely make this boat an eye catcher.  It has all you need, day or night, for a great time.  Boat Features & Upgrades The 2015 Centurion Enzo FS44 equipped with RAMFILL, QUICKSURF, DOWNFIRE and CATS Technology is the most proven and well respected surf machine in the world, for good reason. Boasting the largest, longest, most powerful and most adjustable wakesurf wave in history, the FS44 is on a level like nothing else out there. The FS44 features the Enzo FS hull that provides equally clean wakesurf waves on both sides of the boat and more water displacement capability than any wakeboard / wakesurf boat to date. Equipped with Ramfill and CATS, the FS44 allows you to change your wakesurf wave to the best possible wave for whoever is riding and do it instantly. RAMFILL BALLAST The Ramfill ballast system allows you to fill your entire ballast system completely in 45 seconds. Not only is Ramfill by far the fastest filling / emptying ballast system ever, it is also the largest ballast system available on any boat. Change from wakesurfing to wakeboarding to tubing to cruising in record time. Performance Features  QUICKSURF PRO SYSTEM The Centurion QuickSurf Pro System allows you to change from surfing on one side to the other instantly without sacrificing the quality of the wave. The QuickSurf Pro System also allows you to surf without leaning the boat to one side or the other for a fully level ride. Wakesurf transfers and instant wave changes are a breeze. CATS SYSTEM The CATS system is an articulating fin in the mid section of the boat that lets you change the angle that the boat drives and lets you roll the boat from one side to the other in seconds. This allows instant changes to the size, shape, angle, power and design of your wakesurf wave or wakeboard wake. So now you don't have to move people around in the boat to sharpen up your wake or surf wave. Audio & Visual Features  DOWNFIRE AUDIO Put simply, the Downfire Surround Sound Audio System, exclusive to Centurion, is the best OEM stereo system available in a V-Drive. A total of 15 speakers specifically angled to provide the best possible audio experience whether you are in the bow, the drivers seat or riding the world famous surf wave. With dual zone controls, you can custom design the audio experience for both passengers and riders.  

    Verkäufer Tiffany Milne

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