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  2. Scout 350 LXZ

    Scout 350 LXZ

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    Our brand new 350 LXZ S-Class Luxury Crossover model is the initial debut of our all-new LXZ Series. This sophisticated masterpiece is unlike anything out on the market today. A high-end day cruiser, ideal for refined entertainment, with overnight accommodations should you choose to extend your adventure. This incredible model will provide peak performance over any model perceived in its category, all with a “Class-A finish”. A seating configuration built around plush, luxurious entertainment expectations; immense shade provided by the integrated epoxy-infused carbon fiber hardtop; a full glass windshield to protect from the elements complete with an electric sliding sun roof and side window vents; air conditioning above and below deck; swing-in side dive door; a gyro stabilizer; systems completely run on lithium ion batteries (no generator necessary); and at-home appointments throughout the model are just a brief snapshot of the standard and available optional features we’ve built into this must-have craft. S-Class (luxury models 33’ and up) signifies the upper echelon of our line-up - the highest level of luxury - similar to what you experience with high-end luxury automobiles. The 350 LXZ is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge Epoxy Infusion Construction and the highest-performing dual Scout Stepped Hull Technology, while simultaneously pairing it with the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies. Our S-Class denotes the most superior model for our customers.

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  5. CHB Ponderosa

    CHB Ponderosa

    Port Townsend, Washington, Vereinigte Staaten

    PLEASE EMAIL ME AT IMKONTIKI@GMAIL.COM FOR A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION. Space is limited here. "DREAMS TOO", (Licensed as "Kon Teaki", (teak, get it)?   There are many new boat owners lately, (some just want a luxury way to Social Distance). Hence the boat shortage has begun. Since most boat adds don't explain their boats in detail, (and its upgrades), let me do that for you. For those that know boats, just look at the Photos. NOTE: Engine and engine room photos coming soon.   For those that know boats; the perfect "Deck" photos should be enough! Rarely do you see a Deck this nice! Here's your chance to own "Dreams Too", a very well cared for CHB, "Ponderosa".  The CHB "Ponderosa" is one of the rarest of "CHB" Yachts. They were built in one of the more "experienced" Taiwan boat yards at the time. Among Trawler enthusiasts, this  stable fuel efficient boat is a charm in The Pacific North-West. And many confuse it with the more expensive Grand Banks line. A very similar boat without the expensive name and price attached to it.  Most of these CHB boats were shipped here specifically for The Puget Sound, Canada and Alaska cruising. Making this an ideal vessel for the PNW Cruise-Living.   Dreams Too is truly the nicest Taiwan era trawler I have seen. And I shopped for 6 months looking at every CHB in the Washington and Portland area. I'd travel for hours just to look at one. This includes a few boats that remain listed here and on other sites years later, (soft deck problems). A, "CHB" was the first boat my broker showed to me. Right then I knew I needed this brand or something similar. It was the hand carved teak that sold me. Go to "Trawlers Forum" and read of all about the CHB lovers, (it's a cult like Ducati or Jaguar owners). Once you own one, it's all you desire. Plus this one has years of meticulous maintenance. And over $45,000 in recent improvements, (email me). Simply put, this makes her better than new in many regards, (they didn't have these technologies when she was built). Just the improved Diesal heater alone is worth the upgrade from when it was new. With her aft cabin and V-birth configuration, she is perfect for a family or owners with guests. The bedrooms have plenty of privacy and both have separate bathrooms. This along with built-in furnishings, drawers, windows, mirrors and cabinets. Plus two LARGE hatches that let the sun or starlight shine in. The photos here do not do this boat justice, (it's a beautifu). There's an abundance of warm  hand-crafted Burmese Teak inside and out. Let's talk about the teak. Some local adds state, "little Teak to maintain". No, you want teak, it's what makes a CHB a CHB. Dreams Too exterior Teak is just as nice as the interior Teak. The nicely re-sealed Teak deck has NO soft spots, (a rarity). And when it's this nice, simple maintenance is all that's required. If it's already ruined by water damage, it costs thousands to replace and repair. Also, the downfall of many CHB boats is there soft spot Teak deck problems  from water damage, (ask any Broker). Again, these deck soft spots will cost thousands to repair, (you really can't fix it). Dreams Too has none of these problems. If you hear of one soft spot on a deck, walk away as there's more. Please note, all of these CHB boats, (and many more) have had some sort of water problems, (this one included). It's a known and part of their history especially with the, "Sun Deck" models, (again ask any broker). But it's how the owner's have dealt with it and or re-seal the teak, windows and decks when needed. That's what makes this one stand out. Keep an eye out for how long the boats have been up for sale and the frequent price drops. These are the boats with water damage and or soft decks. I've toured many of compare, and you should too. Mines moss free as well. Remember, if an owner states they've never had water issues on any boat, they might be lying. Nowhere will you find better outdoor preserved Teak railings, cap rails, cabinets, decking, and windows than on Dreams Too. Just walk the docks and compare the teak to other boats. The outdoor teak decks on Dreams have recenty been sealed. THERE ARE NO MISSING PLUGS, (again a rarity). The steering wheel is also solid teak. She spent the past years in Fresh Water and under cover most it's life, (hence the nice teak). There's lots more, so email me at for a full description please.     

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