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    Green Cove Springs, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten

    Fresh off of two very memorable winter seasons' cruising in the perfectly picturesque Bahamas with our family of four and several satisfied guests, "Footprints" is now offered for sale as a "turn key" sailing vessel, ready to take you on an adventure of your own. Our kids are both starting school in the autumn, so it's time to let someone else have some fun living aboard this proven cruiser. With her shallow draft, simple rig and large separate cabins, "Footprints" offers exceptional comfort and can sneak in those little spots where smaller boats can't go. Repowered with a 57hp Yanmar Diesel, currently with less than 400 hours, she has a lot of life in her and will no doubt prove to be a reliable vessel for many years to come. Now for the details:   Details:   This 1971 Irwin has aged gracefully and is sound.  In the right hands, she can shine and last another quarter century or more.   My priorities since purchase in 2016 (only two years, I had to think about that...seams longer) were simple: get out there.  The only major hurdle was repowering the vessel with the new Yanmar.  The old Perkins had compression but showed too many signs of wear including an oil pan leak and I did not want to have to worry every time I turned the key, so to speak.  (I still have the Perkins and plan to rebuild it).  My father, an old salt who has circumnavigated with my mother in the 80s, and I spend a sweltering weak in the belly of the boat in August swapping out the engine and all related parts, from the intake line to the exhaust thru-hull. (Well, mostly it was me who did the work but my dad would say he was there for moral support)  I had the area's most respected mechanic (and Yanmar dealer), Joel Stuart, approve my install (for the warranty and for my peace of mind) and he had no suggestions - I think he was impressed.  There is virtually no vibration, and I met the couplers on the drive shaft with about 1/1000 inch gap.     Once the Yanmar was in, the only other things I tended to included a deep cleaning, new  lifelines and lifeline netting for the kids safety, and a drop table in the salon to replace a fixed table.  I repaired various electronics, mainly corroded connections and wiring.  I added the GPS.  My wife decorated and turned the old fat boat into our home for two seasons.  She also insisted on new sleeping cushions fore and aft, with a memory foam layer.  Very comfy.   This most recent season I installed two new bilge pumps, one electric and one manual Gusher.  The electric has a wire to connect to a hot lead to become "automatic", that is, test for standing water every couple of minutes, but I disconnected it as it wasn't necessary.  In dry storage, Footprints has a keel plug that can be removed so there is no standing water accumulated in the keel from rain ingress through any possible leaks.     Also this past season I replaced the lower shrouds, as the existing shrouds were crimped and one strand on each appeared damaged by the crimps.  All other rigging appears fine and has weathered some decent offshore breezes without any indication of stress (we generally live by the motto:" if 20 it blow, we don't go" but on the rare occasion when a fresh breeze came off of shore, we couldn't resist the sport of a quick smooth sail on the lee of a shore).  Her low mast height prevents much stress on the rigging, quite honestly.   See more info in "Additional Equipment" since I'm limited to 5,000 characters here  

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