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    Atascadero, California, Vereinigte Staaten

    2017 Malibu 21 VLX, Call (805) 466-9058 or email today for more details! The Malibu 21 VLX is impressively versatile. Whether carving giant sprays on your ski, boosting across the weighted wake shaped perfectly by the Power Wedge, or surfing a clean wave with the patented Surf Gate this boat is guaranteed to perform up to your expectations. Here are three features that we really liked:Price-based performanceThe 21 VLX is all about price-based performance. This means some of the most consistent and well-shaped wakes in its class, an ergonomic and refined interior, superb handling and much more at a very manageable price. And we can't emphasize enough that the 21 VLX is a Malibu wakesetter and it comes with all the pedigree that name brings from its decades of building quality inboard boats.The helmThe 21 VLX has a next-level dash that sports a 12' center touch screen for frequently used functions as well as a small auxiliary screen that lets you dive deep into the boat's features and really customize your experience. There's also a multi-function rotary dial with hot keys that makes controlling the boat really easy when you want to nudge a function or you don't feel like diving into the touch screens.StorageWith seating for up to 13, this relatively little boat can handle a huge passenger load. That also means everyone's gear. Thankfully Malibu built loads of storage into the 21 VLX. The entire wraparound lounge has communicating compartments with dual-axis hinges for easy access.

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