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ZEN Yachts 50

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Marke ZEN Yachts
Typ 50
Baujahr 2023
Bootszustand Neu
Preis Auf Anfrage
Bootstyp Motor
Klasse Motor-Katamaran
Länge 15.67 m
Rumpfmaterial Komposit


The ZEN50 is a game changer. World’s first series production catamaran equipped with a wingsail, it defines a new distinctive class of its own, where genuine zero-emission meets high comfort and performance, limitlessly. Designed from scratch for ZEN Yachts by award-winning naval architect Julien Mélot, this full carbon catamaran is the ultimate essence of technology driven, high performance and luxurious, eco-friendly leisure yachting. The blue water capable ZEN50 lightweight racing carbon hulls are combined with a huge solar roof for an unrivaled 1:1 solar power versus displacement ration (16 kW / 16 tonnes), making this yacht completely energy self-sufficient. A revolutionary, fully automated, wingsail - by Ayro© - can be added as a range and speed extender. The yacht’s high capacity battery bank powers a powerful silent electric propulsion, allowing the ZEN50 to achieve 14 knots and maintain high continuous speeds in unrivaled safety and comfort, indefinitely… The ZEN50 is offered with or without wingsail and comes in 3 main different version: Racer, Cruiser and Explorer, each dedicated to a different usage and owner profile. We use these versions as a basis to define a final, bespoke specification for each of our valued clients and ZEN Community Members. Scroll down for more details, specifications and prices.

Hergestellt von:

Hergestellt von:



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