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  5. Prout 45

    Prout 45

    Charleston, South Carolina, Vereinigte Staaten

    *   ELEVEN REASONS ... why you should consider owning Cobalt Blue It's the most stable platform on the water imaginable. I've slept through severe storms completely unawares. There is virtually no pitch & yaw as in a traditional monohull. I’m highly prone to motion sickness, and it’s only bitten me twice in 12 years … both times in big crossing seas. Monohull ‘purists’ may think nausea is a badge of honor. Not me. Oh, and about all those spilled Margaritas. Cats don’t ‘heel’ under sail.  The view. Because of her configuration and low draft, you stand much higher above the water when below deck. And the broad expanse of glass across the bridgedeck gives elevated panoramic views. By contrast, a monohull can feel like a claustrophobic ‘cave’ in the water.  The maneuverability. I’ve watched more marina wrecks than I can count when single-screw monohulls try maneuvering in tight spaces in heavy current. With twin props I can spin 360 degrees in place in the trickiest of flows. And this advantage alone may save your marriage / relationship when attempting to anchor. The galley being separated from the salon. Food preparation in the middle of your living area may ‘sound’ socially appealing. And the Caribbean cruising brochures joyfully exploit all that potential ‘togetherness’. But after 4 or 5 days ______ ?  You fill in the blank. The privacy of dual hulls. It's sorta’ like the galley issue. Staterooms & baths in opposite hulls are a godsend when spending more than a few nights with family or guests. Even the exteriors are set up for privacy. I often took my son & hordes of his college buddies & bud-ettes out on the harbor along with some of my adult-ish friends. Crazy kids up front in the tramps … adults lounging on deck seats in the rear. Great. ! The 3’6’’ draft. Have you ever sailed the Bahamas, Keys, or ITCW in a monohull?  If so, then you know what it’s like to suffer through 8' depth-anxiety ... when there's a 4' alternative. There are huge areas of the Bahamas Bank you simply can’t go to unless you draft under 5'. And strangely, the stuff you’ll hit (and yeah … you ‘will’ ) that’s only 3' deep tends to be a lot softer than the stuff at 7'. Save the Xanax … cruise the islands in a cat.  Open ocean safety. There are endless online forums debating whether a cat or a monohull is more likely to pitch-pole or roll in huge seas. I’ll give you the Cliff Notes … it’s indeterminate. But you can review the arguments here   However, there is one consensus. Once a monohull goes down … it’s eventually gonna’ sink. Cats float. Watch Robert Redford kiss his sailboat goodbye around the 1:30 mark in this 'All Is Lost'  trailer    The storage. As a rule, a cat has about 150% of the overall space of the same length monohull, and even more ‘floor space’. And Floor Space = Storage Space. In other words, a 45-ft cat is going to have more storage than a 70-ft monohull. Maybe not important for a weekend excursion … but 8 wks. in the Bahamas ? I’ve been there …   The helm-centric rigging. I’ll admit it. I’ve done less sailing and more motoring than I'd anticipated when I bought her. But that’s only a matter of personal preference (once I’m on H2O, my relaxation dopamine kicks-in). And there’s another curious thing about cats. Friends & family, even dock-groupies, are not as intimidated going out on a cat as monohull. Most of my social world doesn't know a jib from a chocolate bar. Therefore, I usually find myself as all-in-one helmsman, 1st mate, mast man, and trimmer. And if you’re a sailor, you already know the joy of having all those jib / genoa / mainsail halyards and sheets land within two steps of the helm. And back to safety issue … that’s a big deal in an offshore storm. Again, I’ve been there !  The systems redundancy. Not only does Cobalt Blue have critical navigation redundancy … Chart plotter, GPS, & Depth … catamarans have power redundancy built-in by dual engines and fuel systems. Yes, I have limped home on one engine more than a few times. In 2017, I lost my stbd engine in the remote Berry Islands and was still able to cruise at 2/3 speed for 350 mi. up the Gulf Stream to Ponce Inlet, Fla. for repairs. Absent that, I might still be stuck in the Berrys. Her looks. Cats can look pretty ungainly. Example ... just take a gander at the Lagoons. They look like bug-eyed Manta Rays. But they don’t have to. Beauty may be in the beholder, but there are a lot of beholders who think Prouts are the sleekest of the lot.  The price. Please view the last several files in the photos section for a summary of Cobalt Blue's competitive-set pricing. She's been priced to sell ...  (so please, save the $ negotiation impulses for the car lot). Please see the 'Offering Terms' slide in photos.                    

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  6. Switch 51 Performance Catamaran

    Switch 51 Performance Catamaran

    Papeete, Französisch-Polynesien
    €396.007 (Reserviert)

    HIGHLIGHTS  SECOND TO NONE PRESENTATION. A PEDIGREE YACHT CONTINUALLY MAINTAINED AND UPGRADED WITH KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT AND DILIGENCE.  EXTENSIVE REFIT 2019- 2022   EXTENSIVE RANGE OF SAFETY FEATURES DESIGNED AND EQUIPPED FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT AND OFFSHORE SAFETY INCREDIBLY FAST PASSAGE-MAKER  EASILY TURNING OVER 200NM / DAY WHILE REMAINING COMFORTABLE ON ALL POINTS OF SAIL  CARBON FIBRE MAST FOR STRENGTH, PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY.  MAST AND RIGGING WERE FULLY INSPECTED IN FEBRUARY 2022 – Report Available.  FULL SET OF SAILS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION. ALL SAILS REVIEWED IN 2022 NEW 2018 COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF CRUISING ELECTRONICS AND OFFSHORE COMMUNICATION 12V, 120V AND 220V FOR ELECTRICAL ADAPTABILITY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 2019 NEW LITHIUM Li-fe Relion 900 Ah BATTERIES  ALL NEW SOLAR PANELS (2020-2021) 1460W OUTPUT OF SOLAR POWER, 3 PANASONIC HIT340 and 4 SUNPOWER 110  ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME WITH HEATING, WASHING MACHINE, WATERMAKER, HUGE GALLEY WITH 2 FRIDGES and 1 FREEZER (compressors 2020), a lot of STORAGE ETC.  BRAND NEW YANMAR ENGINES AND SAILDRIVES (400 HOURS ON EACH) HUGE ENGINES ROOMS VERY EASY ACCESS TO ALL SYSTEMS FOR SAFETY, REPAIRS OR TROUBLE-SHOOTING.  2 x 220L WATER TANKS 2 x 250 L FUEL CAPACITY FOR IMPRESSIVE RANGE WIDE OPEN INTERIOR FOR A MODERN, SUNNY AND AIRY FEEL A LOT OF STORAGE AND CABINETS VAT PAID DESIGNED AND EQUIPPED TO BE EFFORTLESSLY SAILED SHORT HANDED OR EVEN SOLO MUST BE SEEN TO BE FULLY APPRECIATED TI' AMĀ IS LOCATED IN TAHITI, WHICH IS OPEN WITHOUT QUARANTINE TO VACCINATED VISITORS. PRIVATE VIDEO TOURS CAN ALSO BE ARRANGED WITH THE OWNERS IF YOU WISH. A VERY THOROUGH VIDEO WALK-THROUGH COMPLETED AT THE TIME OF LISTING  IS AVAILABLE ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AT NAUTILUS YACHT MANAGEMENT). MARCH 2022 FULL SURVEY REPORT AVAILABLE ON REQUEST  ------------------------- TI' AMĀ is a superbly maintained blue-water, high-performance cruiser ready for worldwide cruising. She is a perfect choice for a couple or family looking for a well-built comfortable and proven offshore cruiser. Ti’Amā is a Switch 51 designed by Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost built in Balaruc Les Bains by Sud Composite. Ti’ amā is one of 12 Switch 51 ever built. She is number 4 . Once her hulls and decks were completed, she was sailed to Casablanca, where  her interior fit-out was designed and completed, using exquisite workmanship and light-weight timber laminate to enhance the warmth of the interior décor without compromising on the weight and overall performance. The Switch 51's are designed to be easily handled by a couple with a focus on comfort, performance, and safety - a perfect choice for serious ocean cruisers. Combining extraordinary performance upwind and yet offering a very comfortable interior perfectly suited to long-range cruising and family live-aboard in comfort and safety, Ti’ Amā is a successful combination of Outremer Yachting attribute for speed and exhilaration, mixed with the plush comfort of the Catana. Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prévost  need no word of introduction as yacht designers. VPLP design (Van Peteghem / Lauriot-Prévost) is a French-based naval architectural firm founded by Mand Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, responsible for designing some of the world's most innovative racing boats. Their designs presently hold many of the World Speed Sailing records, including producing winners of the Vendée Globe, Sydney Hobart and the America’s Cup. Switch 51 yachts are objects of beauty, grace and power who beneath their elegant lines are truly built for ocean conditions : Capable of sailing high to windward thanks to its 2.4m long daggerboard and generous sail plan (Ti’ Amā’s mast is actually taller than other models), they will effortlessly cover at least 200nm / day safely and comfortably, without pushing the boat. Switch 51 Catamarans sit at the exact opposite to production yachts in the way that each and every component of their design and assembly is not subject to a price point but to their motto: quality, strength, durability. Each of them was built on commission for their owner and adapted in interior design to their specific requirements.   The Switch's life on the ocean and genius in adapting to its sometimes challenging environment is visible in every trait of their design, from the rigidity of the hull, balance, comfort  etc., but also in the unique, enviable interior which never fails to impress with its chevron teak interior floor and molding on the walls, open spaces and optimisation of usable space while at the same time providing an interior that is usable in all conditions and conceived to offer the off-watch person somewhere peaceful, dry and safe to rest and recover. At anchor, where most cruising yachts spend 90% of their time, the Switch Yachts does not compromise on luxury either, with its large transom, very large and well-protected cockpit, unencumbered deck space etc., while also remaining very easily maintained. Ti’ Amā is presented to you in turn-key condition, an extraordinary example of a design which both designer and owners should be extremely proud of.  As creators, one can imagine how pleased Ti’ Amā’s builders would be to contemplate her today, a real credit to their vision but also to her owners, a family of avid racing sailors who did not want to compromise when searching for a yacht to explore the world with their children. This Canadian family specifically searched for a Switch 51 because few catamaran in the world offered them what they wanted: speed, exhilaration, safety and comfort. Two handed sailing with children over thousands of ocean miles and sometimes difficult conditions imposes stringent search criteria when deciding on a yacht. They found this and more in Ti’ Amā, and if parting with their beautiful yacht is certain to be an emotional time, they can be proud to pass the flame to a new family who will certainly appreciate Ti’ Amā for the extraordinary yacht she is and in a condition that reflect the respect she inspires. For a bit of info about ourselves, we are a boutique-style brokerage devoted to high quality cruising yachts and to the cruising community. Ex- cruisers ourselves we just strive to help others begin their journey on the ocean.  If Ti’ Amā has got under your skin, get in touch! Our team can organize a private video viewing with you as well as have all the time in the world to answer your questions, put you in touch with the owners if you wish, assist with organising your visit, purchase, delivery home if needed, insurance, berthing, crewing, etc. NYM has a reputation to present to the market only quality cruising yachts in beautiful, turn-key condition, but our real trademark is to work as a team with you and the sellers to ensure a seamless, transparent, and joyful experience.

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