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    Lagoon 440

    La Paz, Mexiko

    This is a family catamaran - not a charter catamaran.  She has never been a charter catamaran.  Instead she has been a sunshine and breeze propelled boutique hotel on the Sea of Cortez for a very nautical Northwest family.  She was intentionally chosen for her 4 stateroom layout so that each family member or family friend would have their own private air conditioned suite below whilst enjoying sun and sailing and camaraderie above.  Her saloon and galley have been customized with a bespoke island that doubles as a desk (and offers the best scenery in the world right aft when you glance up). This has greatly improved the flow for the family and guests and has provided a stunning work-from-boat environment.  Feeding a full crew for a week is no feat if the chef(s) are willing. The fully equipped galley shares the view from the saloon and has added storage and refrigeration capacity right at the chef's fingertips with even more just around the corner in the living cockpit. Lagoon 440s have one of the most liveable cockpits afloat.  This large protected area is for alfresco dining, harbor watching, sunset cocktails, and it makes a perfect transitional space between the delights of the sea and the comforts of the vessel.  The cockpit table even retracts into the rigid bimini if extra space is desired.  This catamaran is kept shipshape.  The Captain's chest is the envy of many craftsmen ashore and she has been maintained to a loving standard.  Maintenance has been meticulous and carried out by a professional surveyor and mechanic.  Maintenance has always been preventative too in the best sense - done with forethought in order to preserve the quality of time experienced aboard by all.  This is true value.  Recent surveys of the hull, rig, and engines are available to prospective buyers.  In fact, ask for a copy of Life On Orion and get to know her intimately just as her guests have. Ex-charter catamarans often cost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands to put in good cruising order.  Thankfully, this is not a charter catamaran - it is a family catamaran and it is ready to host your family in comfort wherever your course may lead.

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