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    Tartan 3700

    Baltimore, Maryland, Vereinigte Staaten

         Tartan 3700 is a great performance cruiser. Cruising World chose the Tartan 3700 as its "Boat of the Year." Sail magazine named the Tartan 3700 a "Best Boat."      She is a classic. Her cabin is cherry paneled with a teak and holly sole, providing a warm, inviting feel. The topsides, cabin roof, deck and cockpit have appealing classic lines. Take the stern for example. Its swim platform is hidden behind a drop-down transom. The 3700 looks like a sailboat ought to look.       Serenity is a Tartan 3700 made even better.      Several enhancements set Serenity above other 3700’s. First, its Fisher Panda diesel generator enables you to live comfortably offshore indefinitely. The lights can stay on all night. There’s no worry of ice melting or food spoiling. You can have a much heat or air conditioning as you want. Serenity’s generator makes your cruises as comfortable as your life at home.      Second, deploying Serenity's full enclosure turns your cockpit into a solarium. It captures heat rising from the cabin and solar heat even on overcast days. It also blocks wind and rain, of course, so you can be warm and dry when the weather turns nasty. It is like being at home.      Third, she is rigged for serious sailing. The 3700 has a PHRF rating of 113. Serenity improves on that with its asymmetrical spinnaker, top-down furler and adjustable tack, cunningham, and adjustable genoa cars. She’s a joy to sail.      The generator, enclosure and asymmetrical spinnaker put Serenity above every other 3700 in the market, but there’s more: · Inverter lets you use your AC stuff. · Quicksilver dinghy and 2-stroke motor, with a motor lift, are perfect for cruising. · Strong track system drops the full battened main into the stackpack instantaneously. There’s no need to go on deck until your back at your marina or anchorage. · Racor filter monitors your fuel’s purity. · Wifi booster captures distant signals. · Cut-out switch for the cockpit stereo speakers, a good thing if you don’t want to impose your music on your marina neighbors.   Mast Conduit. Halyards and cords are led through a conduit so you will not hear any clanging when a wave rocks the boat. · Impeller access port and SpeedSeal cover plate make impeller changes a breeze.. * Cable connection nipple at the stern. Much better than draping cables across the deck. (The video was made in 2012, before Serenity became what she is today. Don't call Jordan Yachts.) Other Tartan 3700's may have some of Serenity's enhancements but none has all of them. 

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